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Sunday Catch Up

About every 18 months I pull all the books off the shelves and set to reorganize them. The shelves are deep so most are doing double duty with an unseen layer behind the more respectable titles. Anyway it is time, but it is already afternoon on a Sunday so it will have to wait another for weekend. I also wonder when we stopped indenting the first word of a paragraph. Maybe we haven't...      A couple years ago I wanted to read through my To Be Read pile so that I had more freedom in my reading and by extension buying of books. As of right now.... hang on I have to go into the other room to count them...      22. I'm need to buy 4-5 books to maintenance a couple authors I read, plus the inevitable 4-5 books that normally release in the first half of the year. Still, I feel in better shape than I have for a number of years. On the positive side I am excited to read most of the books awaiting me. I really buckled down at the end of 2019 to read some of the stragglers and