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Spring Preview 2011 - Warmer, Please Edition.

Hello. Spring appears to be here. I say appears because the other day we got about three inches of snow. Stupid snow. Spring Preview arrives with more than a few books I would like to add to my permanent collection. I'm sure some of them will make it. The rest I will lament like friends who I never call (or blogs I never update). Sigh. Of course my thanks go to Fantastic Fiction and The Bloodstained Bookshelf in helping THD to compile this list THE FIFTH WITNESS - Michael Connelly - April 5 I've warmed up to the Haller books ever so slowly. HEADS YOU LOSE - Lisa Lutz and David Hayward - April 5 Ms. Lutz is pretty hilarious even if her books are a little too caught up in stylistic flourishes. A book by dueling authors sounds like fun. HELL IS EMPTY - Craig Johnson - June 2 Finally got around to giving this guy a read last year. He is pretty good. NOW YOU SEE ME - SJ Bolton - June 7 Reminds me of early Minette Walters, I'm hooked. THE RIDGE - Michael

Books Recieved - February 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of February 2011. THE LOCK ARTIST - Steve Hamilton - Minotaur Books STRONG AT THE BREAK - Jon Land - Forge LIVE WIRE - Harlan Coben - Dutto THE BONE HOUSE - Brian Freeman - Minotaur Books