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Tonight at the Monroe avenue Barnes and Noble in my fair city of Rochester is an author signing. One of THD's most anticipated fall releases, Noble Lies , will be signed by the book's author Charles Benoit . From all reports Mr. Benoit is quite the raconteur. We here at THD expect nothing less than a great night. The event is slated to begin at 7pm. I will be there, and you should too. Come early and buy his books!

Recent Purchases

Well a few things have come across the desk here at THD. The first purchases up for discussion were made from the the recently discovered Book Depository . The attraction of the website is threefold. First, and obviously, there is the access to UK editions that will not be released here in the US for several months. Second, the prices are very pretty competitive if not better than Amazon UK. Last, or third in this threefold wonderland of merriment, is FREE SHIPPING! This just got interesting..... No one is going to deny me a free shipping. Dying to Sin is the eighth book in the Cooper and Fry series written by Stephen Booth . This is a very dependable series. The general conceit of the series is that Fry and Cooper are not romantically involved at all. In fact they kind of hate each other. I also picked up another Booth, another Cooper/Fry, Claws . I know zero about this book... well novella really. I am not sure why this book released in this way. Don't care, it is our good for