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On a Break

The Hungry Detective is in Janesville. Summer means visiting the branch offices in Milwaukee and Janesville. Milwaukee seemed to have issues so we will be returning this weekend, for now we are in Janesville. Books have been purchased. Here , here , and here . I can't recommend these booksellers high enough. The Gentle Ax - R.N. Morris Mr. Morris writes as both Roger and R.N Morris. God Ol' Rog writes contempo Urban Crime Fiction. R.N. writes the historical stuff. The basic set-up of The Gentle Ax is Profiry Petrovich's next case after the events of Crime and Punishment. I have never read Dostoevsky's masterwork, but this seemed like a nice set up to a book. Have Mercy On Us All; Seeking Whom He May Devour; Wash this Blood Clean from My Hand - Fred Vargas . The represent the first three books in the Chief Inspector Ansberg series. As they are all in trade paperback, so the investment was minimal for what we percieve to be a high return. Chasing Darknes s - Robert Crais

File Under: About G-D Time!

WooHoo! A web presence for an author I love, love, love. Adrian McKinty has a blog ! His first book, Dead I May Well Be is the best crime fiction book of the last decade. And although I am willing to admit that I don't read as much as other people, I would challenge ANYONE to come up with better book. If there is a downer to this news it is that he moved to Australia. Not very likely to attend the Baltimore B'Con then. Is it too late for a 2010 bid from Melbourne! --Edit-- Oh... I forgot.... bless Detectives Beyond Borders for pointing me in the right direction.

More Awards....Shamus

The Hungry Detective has lost count of the number of awards slated to be given away at this year's B'Con. THD realizes that there are no more than usually, but it just seems like more than normal. The Shamus Awards were announced Sunday and have been posted to the usual sites . Not surprising with 'Shamus' as your award name all of the works nominated here feature the private detective as the champion of criminal justice. The usual comments follow the nominees. Best Novel Head Games - Thomas Cavanagh Soul Patch - Reed Farrel Coleman The Color of Blood - Declan Hughes A Welcome Grave - Michael Koryta A Killer's Kiss - William Lashner I know the work of three of this categories nominees; Coleman, Hughes, and Koryta. THD is happiest for Michael Koryta, so we are throwing our support behind A Welcome Grave. Best First Novel The Cleaner - Bret Battles Keep It Real - Bill Bryan Big City, Bad Blood - Sean Chercover When One Man Dies - Dave White The Last Striptease - Mic

Rarely Highlighted Event

We don't often mention Birthdays. THD recalls possibly posting in regards to James Lee Burke's birthday a year ago. As my days ago I am no longer in the car when literary birthday news is announced via Garrison Keillor's The Writers Almanac . But today I was, and today I discovered that Dennis Lehane is celebrating a birthday. If you click through to the link we can read the Mr. Lehane's segment ( least for today anyway). Better yet the show is podcasted and can be subscribed via website and iTunes. That aside, The Hungry Detective extends a hardy and glad Happy Birthday to Mr. Lehane!