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Recent Purchases and General Mysteries

Back in April I picked up the last two missing Dave Robicheaux books, Heaven's Prisoners and A Morning for Flamingos , for the collection. I feel like this is an oft to told tale, but that may just be for Mrs. Hungry Detective. However in regards to Heaven's Prisoners I thought I would have comfortably owned this book fifteen years ago. Back in the nascent days of the collection that book along with Neon Rain were the most expensive books I could have purchased. It was 1995, and  I had yet to really dig into Crime Fiction in a serious way. The only other authors I bought regularly were John Grisham, Walter Mosely and Clive Cussler. I had just picked up the first two Dennis Lehane books, and Michael Connelly and Robert Crais were a year or so away for being read for the first time. Neon Rain   turned out to be the most expensive book I bought until two years ago when I bought Michael Connelly's The Black Echo with blue rebate band. When I bought Neon Rain I was a