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In between RESIDUE and THE LAST TOURIST, I read DEVOLUTION: A FIRST HAND ACCOUNT OF THE RAINIER SASQUATCH MASSACRE. Low key, I think Max Brooks's WORLD WAR Z is a straight up masterpiece. DEVOLUTION was not as finely detailed and I found the opening chapters a little rough, but otherwise this is FANTASTIC. A grounded and compulsively well told story. Exceptional stuff. RESIDUE - Michael McGarrity There has always been a bit of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct in the Kevin Kerney series. Lots of characters moving in and out, occasionally taking over for a chapter or two, but the story is always ably lead by now retired Sheriff Kevin Kerney. RESIDUE certainly gets off on the right foot with the discovery of a long missing girl's body with a connection to Kerney. That connection turns Kerney into a murder suspect, and we are off and running with this compelling first act. The promising start is squandered, however, as the story veers from the girl and Kerney. Indeed, Kerney is


I am working/reading my way through a pretty warm Autumn in greater Los Angeles plus there was a small brush fire in Griffith Park near my home last night. But the sun is out now so better things ahead.  Both books are 2019 releases, these are the last of the 2019's on my shelf. [Editor's Note: Watch this blog for a Best of 2019 post coming never!] Other than the occasional sidetrack for pleasure, most everything moving forward should be a release in the current calendar year. And that is exciting... THIS STORM - James Ellroy. I have done my fair share of complaining about Mr. Ellroy's writing style in this blog. The thing is when it works his writing style helps to super-charge his stories in thrilling ways (i.e. AMERICAN TABLOID). It draws you closer to his stories, the immediacy of his kind of writing is propulsive. Except when it only serves to prolong his narrative. Anyway, I quite like THIS STORM, and in liking the book I identified another issue with Mr. Ellroy'