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Winter Burrview - 2011/12

The Winter Preview is here. With the winter holiday I had a few hours to seat and consider what is an expansive list of upcoming Crime Fiction releases. There are a good number of books to get excited about this quarter. The Hungry Detective encourages you to buy these books when they appear at local bookstore. (Seriously Amazon..... just awful.). Happy Holidays to everyone. Be safe, and read! SLASH AND BURN - Colin Cotterill - Out Now One of these days I'll write a post about all the authors I have always wanted to read. Mr. Cotterill would be near the top of that list. THE LEOPARD - Jo Nesbo - Out Now While we all wait for the eventual release of Book 4 of Blomkvist and Salander, publishing is pushing Mr. Nesbo with unrestrained abandon. Plus the name. Harry Hole. I. Mean. Come. On. DARK REVELATIONS - Anthony Zuiker and Duane Swierczynski - December 29 I read the first book in this series. I skipped the second due to my court mandated restraining order

Best of Lists.... Cookbook Edition

One of the things that has kept me interested in the printed word during my winter with crime fiction was cookbooks. At this point I do not have the proper words to describe the attraction as I cook very little from cookbooks or related food magazines. Pretty pictures and wish fulfillment are about all I have at the moment to explain my curiosity. I know some people find Top Ten lists odious and beside the point, but I like to call those people crazy. Top Ten lists are harmless fun. Here are seven recent ones for the best cookbooks of 2011. The New York Times list is insistent that their readership expand their global view of cooking. I love those weighty tomes about Middle Eastern cooking and the like. Perhaps it is a bit naive  to only praise these books for their pictorial beauty, but living where I do invariably means using Google to search for 'substitute for X exotic spice.' My picks from this list are Tender by Nigel Slater and Hugh Acheson's A New Turn i

Books Recieved - November 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of November 2011 COLD SHOT TO THE HEART - Wallace Stroby - Minotaur Books THE HOLY THIEF - William Ryan - Minotaur Books DEAD MAN'S GRIP - Peter James - Minotaur Books

TAKEN - Dust Jacket

The return of Elvis Cole . I have really been enjoying the Joe Pike books, but Joe is meant to be an enigma. The more I know, strangely, the less interested I become. On a practical level, if it keeps Mr. Crais motivated to turn out great fiction year in and year out I will happily keep my mouth shut. Books drops early January.

Books Received - October 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of October 2011 CHELSEA MANSIONS   - Barry Maitland - Minotaur Books THE DEVIL'S RIBBON - D.E. Meredith - Minotaur Books BREAKING POINT - Dana Haynes - Minotaur Books

Lucky Peach #2

Perhaps you have become weary of the glossy advertisements for copper bottomed pans that flaunt themselves with disregard in Food and Wine or Bon Appetite , but conversely find articles on silver service-ware of early 19th century Britain impenetrable in Gastronomica . Then Lucky Peach might be for you. You should also like swearing and have a flexible understanding of the word quarterly.

Chris Cosentino Unleashed.

Chris Cosentino is a chef whose claim to fame has been his work with offal . His restaurant in San Francisco is called Incanto . I've eaten there, its really good. I became interested in Mr. Cosentino through a friend who turned me on to his now defunct Food Network show Chef vs. City. Watch this video because if nothing else the guy will charm you with his passion. Unfortunately, Chef Unleashed was not picked up, so it stands as a singular document to respecting the food the rest of us thoughtlessly put in our mouth. He'll have a cookbook released in March 2012 . Chef Unleashed from Chris Cosentino on Vimeo .

Eleven Madison Park - Cookbook

As hobbies go buying cookbooks fall right into my wheelhouse. Kind of expensive with limited future use. Regardless of my current interest in making the cookbooks I own and the ones I plan on buying in the future more practical, a cookbook like the one for Eleven Madison Park balances between being aspirational and being an art object. And while I''ll admit that the Eleven Madison Park Cookbook is not just meant to sit there and look pretty.... I think for most home cooks this book is meant to sit there and look pretty. And boy howdy she sure is gorgeous. Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook from Eleven Madison Park on Vimeo .

Mission Street Food - Review

This will mark the first of what I hope will be a bit of continuing feature of The Hungry Detective. THD was always meant to be a combination of two things I love. Crime fiction and eating food that is above my means. Things never really meshed along those lines, and the idea was abandoned. But as things became a bit fallow around here I was turning more and more to culinary adventures. Now making brownies may not seem that adventurous, and I would agree. But when your experience until now has been open box, mix in eggs, dump in pan, then improvising a double boiler suddenly becomes something more than ordinary. Over the course of the last few months I have a acquired cooking literature both large and small. And while cookbooks have the heft of authority, zines like PUT AN EGG ON IT are just as fascinating to consume because of personal nature of something small and boutique.  The MISSION STREET FOOD book first tells the story of how a line cook and his girlfrien

Fall Preview - 2011

There is nothing so over as Summer.  It is odd that August chokes you with heat, and then suddenly it is six week later and I have to fight from turning the heat on. A trip home to visit my father for his 70th Birthday means this is showing up a little late. I also held off to see if a few more release dates firmed up. A good portion of this list has already arrived on shelves, so go out and buy these books. PIRATE KING - Laurie R. King - Out Now I have fallen behind on this series. I plan on correcting this short-sightedness soon. Her spin on Sherlock Holmes has always worked because she figured out a way to make Holmes second banana to Mary Russell. CITY OF SECRETS - Kelli Stanley - Out Now The second book in Ms. Stanley's highly regarded Miranda Corbie series. FEAST DAY OF FOOLS - James Lee Burke - Out Now Jonathan Franzen can suck it, Mr. Burke is America's best author. I'm only half serious, because I have not read Mr. Franzen. Mr. Burke on th

The Cold, Cold Ground - Dust Jacket

Book releases in January 2012. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited! That it lacks an American publisher is unfortunate, but at this point in my life I'm more of an AmazonUK guy anyway.

Books received - September 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of September 2011 THE DOVE OF DEATH - Peter Tremayne - Minotaur THE DEMON'S PARCHMENT - Jeri Westerson - Minotaur MISS DIMPLE DISAPPEARS - Mignon F. Ballard - Minotaur DANGEROUS TO KNOW - Tasha Alexander - Minotaur THE SINGLE SHOT - Matthew F. Jones - Mulholland Books THE BURNING - Jane Casey - Minotaur

Anthony Awards 2011

Let me tell you that writing these post while NOT actually being in attendance is a super bummer. I am consoled by the fact the EXPIRATION DATE and the general awesomeness of Duane Swierczynski has been rewarded. Woot! Full list of nominees are here . THD congratulates all of the winners and nominees. Best Novel BURY YOUR DEAD - Louise Penny - Minotaur Best First Novel DAMAGE DONE - Hilary Davidson - Forge Best Paperback Original EXPIRATION DATE - Duane Swierczynski - Minotaur Best Short Story  “SWING SHIFT,” by Dana Cameron (from Crimes by Moonlight , edited by Charlaine Harris; Berkley) Best Graphic Novel THE CHILL - Jason Starr - Vertigo Crime Best Critical /Non-Fiction:   AGATHA CHRISTIE'S SECRET NOTEBOOKS: 50 YEARS OF MYSTERIES IN THE MAKING -  John Curran (Harper) Best Web Site/Blog: Stop, You’re Killing Me!, edited by Stan Ulrich and Lucinda Surber

Shamus Awards 2011

Having attended B'Con three times now, it is always with some regret that I have not ponyed up the extra fee to attend the Shamus Awards dinner. I suppose it should give me motivation for future Bouchercon attendance. Full list of nominees are here . Congratulations to the winners and the nominees. Best Hardcover P.I. Novel NO MERCY - Lori Armstrong - Touchstone Best First P.I. Novel: IN SEARCH OF MERCY - Michael Ayoob - Minotaur Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel:   ASIA HAND - Christopher G. Moore - Grove/Atlantic Best P.I. Short Story:   “THE LAMB WAS SURE TO GO,” - Gar Anthony Haywood - AHMM , November 2010

Barry Awards 2011

The Barry Awards were handed out last night at the St. Louis Bouchercon. Winners of the Barry's are voted on by the readers of Deadly Pleasures magazine. Mr. Hamilton picks up another Best Novel award. While I did not connect with the book, praise for THE LOCK ARTIST has been universal.  THE POACHER'S SON was a recent read for me. It is phenomenal, really quite good. Glad to see it found some love. The full list of nominees are here . Best Novel THE LOCK ARTIST - Steve Hamilton - Minotaur Books Best First Novel THE POACHER'S SON -  Paul Doiron - Minotaur Books Best British Novel THE WOOD CUTTER - Reginald Hill - HarperCollins  Best Paperback Original FEVER AT THE BONE - Val McDermid - Harper Best Thriller 13 HOURS - Deon Meyer - Grove Atlantic Best Short Story “THE LIST” - Loren D. Estleman - EQMM, May 2010

St. Louis Boucercon - Panel Selections

If I could go, this is where you would find me. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 8:30 A.M. – 9:30 A.M.   1st Pick THE NAMES OF ANGELS-Majestic D Talking classics in crime fiction Jason Pinter (M), Bruce DeSilva, Carl Brookins, Matthew C. Funk, Andrew Grant, Scott Phillips   2nd Pick NIGHT CHILLS-Majestic A,B,C Making things go bump in the night. Monette Draper (M), Dakota Banks, Angie Fox, Sarah Glenn, M.R. Sellars, Jason Starr 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.  1st Pick A QUESTION OF DEATH-Majestic A,B,C How important is whodunit? Peter Rozovsky (M), Gianrico Carofiglio, Agnete Friis, Borge Hellstrom, Lene Kaaberbol, Anders Roslund   2nd Pick FRENZY-Majestic D The endurance of Hitchcock Daniel Hale (M), Maria Alexander, Eric Beetner, Terry Faherty, Tracy Kiely, Todd Ritter, Martyn Waites 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.   1st Pick WHEN THE WIND BLOWS-Majestic A,B,C Crime fiction in a western setting Scott Montgomery (M), Craig Johnson, Jackie K

St. Louis Bouchercon Award Picks!

I have washed off the embarrassment of my Edgar 2011 picks. It was a cruel blow to my ego, but I am reborn with these picks for the Barry, Shamus and Anthony Awards.  Best of luck to all the nominees. My Barry picks are as follows. Best Novel SAVAGES- Don Winslow - Simon & Schuster Best First Novel THE POACHER’S SON - Paul Doiron - Minotaur Best British Novel BLOOD HARVEST - S. J. Bolton - Bantam Press Best Paperback Original THE HANGING TREE - Bryan Gruley - Touchstone Best Thriller THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR - Daniel Silva - Putnam Best Short Story Terence Faherty - "The Seven Sorrows" - EQMM Mar.-Apr. 2010 My Shamus picks are as follows. Full list of nominees are here. Best Hardcover P.I. Novel: IF THE DEAD RISE NOT - Philip Kerr - Putnam Best First P.I. Novel: ONE MAN'S PARADISE -  Douglas Corleone - Minotaur Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel: ASIA HAND - Christopher G. Moore - Grove/Atlantic Best P.I

Books Received - August 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of August 2011 GARDENS OF SECRET PAST - ANTHONY EGLIN - Minotaur Books RED HERRING - Archer Mayor - Minotaur Books THE BRINK OF FAME - Irene Fleming - Minotaur Books THE MONTMARTE INVESTIGATION - Clavde Izner - Minotaur Books ON THE LINE - S.J. Rozan - Minotaur Books LIQUID SMOKE - Jeff Shelby - Tyrus Books THE HILLIKER CURSE: MY PURSUIT OF WOMEN - James Ellroy - Vintage

James Lee Burke Speaks!!!

Mr. Burke talks about his latest book, FEAST DAY OF FOOLS. I have not read Mr. Burke in a couple years. Time to get back in the saddle and catch up with the finest writer of American fiction, crime or otherwise.

Feast Day of Fools - Dust Jacket

The sheer number of books I have bought because the dust jacket was awesome is.... numerous. Anyway, the jacket for FEAST DAY OF FOOLS is incredible. The quote on the jacket states 'America's Best Novelist.' Mark it people, the first dust jacket quote to not be hyperbolic in anyway. Book releases September 27th.

2011 Shamus Nominations

Shamus nominations poked their head out last week. While I can't claim to have read many... or nearly any of the nominated. I do recognize many of the authors and the books. The Best Hardcover category is pretty strong. Tough choices will be made at the St. Louis B'Con. So keep an eye out for The Hungry Detective Awards Prediction Spectacular in about three weeks. Congratulations to the nominated. Best Hardcover P.I. Novel: NO MERCY -  Lori Armstrong - Touchstone THE FIRST RULE -  Robert Crais - Putnam VOYEUR - Daniel Judson - Minotaur IF THE DEAD RISE NOT - Philip Kerr - Putnam NAKED MOON - Domenic Stansberry - Minotaur Best First P.I. Novel: IN SEARCH OF MERCY - Michael Ayoob - Minotaur ONE MAN'S PARADISE -  Douglas Corleone - Minotaur ROGUE ISLAND - Bruce DeSilva -Forge RANDOM VIOLENCE - Jassy MacKenzie - Soho CITY OF DRAGONS -  Kelli Stanley - Minotaur Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel: HOSTAGE ZERO - John Gilstrap

Summer Preview Preview 2012 - Sean Doolittle Edition

Sean Doolittle has a new book . LAKE COUNTRY. Yay! It releases next July. Boo! Everyone knows I love this guy, right? Well, you should. The guy has never missed. You have a whole year to read this guys back catalog. 

The Hungry Part of The Hungry Detective

At the very beginning of The Hungry Detective I had two goals. Crime Fiction and food. The food part fell away very quickly. About a half dozen posts that never got published, much less finished. Evidently I had a lot less to say about food than I did Crime Fiction. But I love food. I love to cook the very simple things I occasionally attempt. And on rare occasions I sit down in some very nice restaurants . Long story short I am going to reintroduce the food component to THD. To that end, I'm adding Food related posts... mostly cookbook reviews... into the mix. First up Mission Street Food .

BURY ME DEEP - Megan Abbott

It is the journey, not the destination. Megan Abbott's latest, BURY ME DEEP, challenges that very idea, particularly when the destination is the very blackest part of your soul. Marion Seely finds herself alone, abandoned by her husband, to make her way in the desert city of Phoenix. She falls in with a couple of women who are not opposed to accepting 'favors' from men, and soon a grand time is being had by all. Louise and Ginny give Marion a sense of home and belonging that she craves. But then she meets Louise and Ginny's most particular friend, Joe Lanigan.  A slight flirtation develops into obsession and soon her desire overwhelms her. There is something spectacular about BURY ME DEEP.  I ruminated on the subject after I had read page after page of achingly graceful prose. Marion's descent is a simple one born out of a human desire for connection. The desire for the beating heart of another will drive down the road to your own ruin. You will forget yourself


The return of Dave White is a pretty big deal around The Hungry Detective offices. It has been a few years since the release of THE EVIL THAT MEN DO.  That book was one of the best books I read that year. We are excited to see the release of WITNESS TO DEATH. Market forces change and so WITNESS TO DEATH has been released as an e-book exclusive. Over the last dozen years or so I have lost too many good authors while the James Patterson's of the world infect us with their brand of story telling. If you enjoy Mr. Patterson's work, then great. I don't mean that sarcastically in the least little bit. But make no mistake the success of Mr. Patterson is screwing the mid-list author. Okay, so rant over. On to the book. WITNESS TO DEATH comes as I have sworn off the thriller. No longer could I take the pulse pounding excitement of flaccid writing, confused plotting, or shades masquerading as characters. Dull upon, dull. Fortunately, Mr. White has never had that problem. He has alw

Bouchercon 2011 - Panels!

The St. Louis B'Con panels have been announced. Amazingly the Con is only 37 days away. Gotta imagine that St. Louis in September could still be hotter than balls.  When September rolls around I'll post my selections for the most intriguing panels for every session for the entire run of the Con. Anyway, here is the link . If you have the means... go!

Books Received - July 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of July 2011 RINGER - Brian M. Wiprud - Minotaur Books THE MAN WITH THE BALTIC STARE - James Church - Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books CUT, PASTE, KILL - Marshall Karp - Minotaur Books THE DOG PARK CLUB - Cynthia Robinson - Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books A MURDER IN TUSCANY - Christobel Kent - Minotaur Books LOW TOWN - Daniel Polansky - Doubleday 13 MILLION DOLLAR POP - David Levien - Doubleday DEAD LINE - Stella Remington - Vintage LAYOVER IN DUBAI - Dan Fesperman - Vintage THE GARDEN OF BETRAYAL - Lee Vance - Vintage BLIND MAN'S ALLEY - Justine Peacock - Vintage


The Hungry Detective is a series reader. There are boat loads of books I have not been able to read because the latest is book eight, and I have yet to read even book one. It is all about progress. The character is built up over those books and this shape informs the larger story which creates a larger sense of character. One big circle. So I read A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY by Sophie Littlefield . Book 2 in this recent series without bothering to read her well received first opus A BAD DAY FOR SORRY . The shackles of not beginning at the beginning stayed with me through out  PRETTY. It mattered little but tainted the overall effect. Primarily because the frame for Ms. Littlefield's books are enticing. I want to know what happened before. Stella Hardesty owns a sewing shop by day and redistributes the inequity of male-female relationships by night. After years spent in an abusive relationship where her husband ended up dead by her own hand, never again will Stella allow a man to inflict