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Occasionally this will happen

Oh dear...... Two weeks? Really? Ugh. Well I have been busy. Finally got a around to reading a Brian Wiprud book. Killed a graphic novel I haven meaning to read for about 6 months. And I moved on to a new book . So I have been productive..... just not with the blog. This short... and believe me temporary break... comes on the heals of two film bloggers ceasing operations. One ripped off the band-aid by saying " All things must pass...I’m outta here... " It got me to thinking that at some point in the future, this blog will stop. My world tilted slightly off axis for a moment. A conversation with a blogging buddy, Jared Case , led me to predict that this blog won't be around in five years, likely less. This bit of information depressed me to no end for a day or two, until I decided I couldn't be bothered. I wouldn't worry about updating the blog for a bit and just enjoy the spring weather.

The Anatomy of Deception - Review

Along with his wife, Lawrence Goldstone has written a number of highly enjoyable nonfiction works about collecting rare books . The Anatomy of Deception is Mr. Goldstone's foray into Crime Fiction writing. Not surprising given the authors PhD in Constitutional studies the period detail as it pertains to Philadelphia is the best part of this book. As a recent tourist in that city, THD found Goldstone's ability to conjure the images of 1880's Philadelphia to be wonderfully transportative prose. This is the section where should add some small recap of the plot. I generally feel that is what the inside of a dust jacket is for, but let us not break with convention. Dr. Ephraim Carroll is a young doctor under the tutelage of Dr. William Osler . Osler shepherds a number of Doctors and Philly Hospital and when one of them turns up dead young Carroll is drawn into the underbelly of Philadelphia (low & high) society. The who-done-it aspects of the book are not much to trumpet he

...on occasion I buy books.

I see that April 2nd marked the last time that THD filed a report on our purchasing habits. The Editorial staff was just remarking how they did not seem to miss this staple of the blog. Let's be honest I am only too aware of how boring or perhaps tedious it is to read what some other person has bought. Yet this information was included for content sake of the blog. THD does not read fast enough to include frequent reviews and salient Crime fiction news is covered ably by my brethren to the extent that including it in my blog has all to often seemed like stealing. My fall back position on this topic has been that I am bringing authors you may have not heard of to the fore. So lets 'git' to it. The Ghost - Robert Harris I have only read one of this author's previous books. It was Archangel. I was in Norway, about 45 miles or kilometers from the Polar Circle. Yeah, this was a weird time in my life. Minus his ancient Roman books he is an author I always wanted make a consi

Edgar Report 2008

The Edgars got handed out last night and once again THD was not in attendance. Forgive the quick digression because it is one that I feel that I have made before. At this point in the life of the internet and the invaluable tool it has become for all things Crime Fiction, I am incredulous that that the MWA can't post video highlights of the Award Ceremony. I don't need the whole show (although I'd be cool with that too), just the winner and the little speech they may provide would be wonderful content for the MWA website. I'll take the less cynical route and write that this probably has been discussed and shot down to due certain rights and author release issues. Excuse me for a moment while I get off my high horse and take off these chaps. Ok. All better. I've listed the four the categories that I covered in depth on Sunday . Winners are in red . The Complete list of winners is here . Best Novel Christine Falls by Benjamin Black Priest by Ken Bruen The Yiddish