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Quick Hit

I told my good friend Jared that I was considering not buying any books this year..... save for the big show in Baltimore . Well this did not last very long..... The Redbreast - Jo Nesbø The second in the Harry Hole series. I find that vaguely naughty, but good reviews preceded this book. I say the second in the series because his Wikipedia entry notes this is the third in the series if you are tracking according to their Norwegian release. The crazier aspect is the first US release, The Dark Star, is the fifth release in Norway. Ugh! Here at THD our brains official hurt. I would be interested in the thought process that leads to this occurring.

Edgar 2008 Nominnes

When is the MWA going to figure out how to get their Edgar nominations broadcasted live like the Academy Award nominations? It strikes me that in this age of meaningless hyperbole about incredibly worthless events that the MWA could find a way to trumpet their noms with something that carries a little more weight than what amounts to a press release. One thinks that it would not be too much trouble to use the MWA website to generate some buzz by having a countdown to nomination announcement? As I am not a frequent(... by which I mean hardly ever...) visitor to the MWA website it is possible this took place and I just missed. Any way here are the Big Three Awards, and here's a link to all the nominations Best Novel Christine Falls - Benjamin Black Priest - Ken Bruen The Yiddish Policemen’s Union - Michael Chabon Soul Patch - Reed Farrel Coleman Down River - John Hart Best First Novel by an American Author Missing Witness - Gordon Campbell In the Woods - Tana French Snitch

Baltimore B'Con 2008

Application completed and mailed: Check American dollars submitted for payment: Check Hotel reservations er... reserved: Check Total excitement: Check

Additons to the Winter Preview 07/08

THD has a done a couple of these new book previews . As is the case in these matters about ten seconds after hitting the 'publish post' button we are reminded of a book that belongs on the list. In the past these discoveries have not roused much response from the various Editorial Departments here at THD. These additions to the Winter 07/08 are biggies. One book is written by a someone I consider to be working in the top ranks of Crime Fiction authors. The other author produced one of the best debuts of the 2007. So here we go... At the City's Edge - Marcus Sakey The Blade Itself was one of the big debuts from last year, and although it was released in early 2007 it remained so. Reviews were rapturous. I found it to be an efficient little thriller. It didn't knock my socks off, but I enjoyed it enough to look forward to his next book. Well, here it is and it releases in two weeks, January 22. Death Song - Michael McGarrity A great series! I've read nine of McGar

Christmas 2007 Acquisitions II

There are three more Christmas acquisitions to trumpet, before I post something on this blog other than "What have I bought/received." Fright - Cornell Woolrich One of the masters books. This is a Hard Case Crime book. I know next to nothing about Mr. Woolrich, except that he wrote a multitude of books, and just as many have been translated into some of the greatest noir films of all-time. This will be my first Cornell Woolrich. Dead Street - Mickey Spillane Another book from a master, and another Hard Case Crime book. I own around 15 of the Hard Case books and have probably read half a dozen of that lot. Hard Case books are always fun to explore. I had couple on the Amazon Wishlist, and my B'Con bro, Jared Case, picked this and Fright for me. Like the Woolrich this will be my first Spillane. I'm excited The Crimes of Dr. Watson - J.H. Watson MD , et al . I am one of those people who love Sherlock Holmes. Dragged the wife to Baker Street when we were London. Watch