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The Big Four and the Gorey

Here is my Top Five list. This is not a hard and fast list. The full list is 30 books, and of those these are the ones I would be the most excited to acquire. 1. Heaven's Prisoners - James Lee Burke Second Dave Robicheaux book and surprisingly not that bad of a movie. I picked up Neon Rain a long time ago and have failed on many occasions to pull the trigger on this one. This all comes down to cost and availability. The book has always been around $175-$200 for as long as I can remember. Secondarily the book is usually a pretty easy find at a show, because the modern fiction dealer will usually carry it as their nod to the genre. Still I need to do this soon. The cheaper price point means I'll probably pick this up before Lullaby Town.  2. Lullaby Town - Robert Crais 'Scarce third novel by author' is the phrase most associated with this novel. Something about libraries buying up much of the first edition. I want to say I used to know. It is far a