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Minor Change to the Blog

The editorial staff here at THD has met with our web design team. We played Wii for about six hours and then decided that we would track the books we have read in our 'Read along with THD' side bar. We've added back the Billingham book, and we think there might be one more to include. We will figure it out.

I have a Top Ten List too.

Did you all know that I have day job that nearly pays the bills? Well I do and it is a museum for Photography and Film. I work in the film section preserving and restoring motion picture films to their original glory. I love all kinds of cinema, but only sporadically have I done a Top Ten List. Making this one was a lot of fun as it reminded me of what was a generally good year for American cinema. I had planned on getting this out a lot sooner than I did but was delayed in my necessity to see There Will Be Blood and Atonement. I made it to Blood, but Atonement remains unseen. I loathe to wait another week or so to get in a screening so I am moving forward with the list. 1 Once Not the best made film of the year, but certainly the one that had the greatest impact on me this year. 2 The King of Kong The only film I saw twice in one day, and the only film I wanted to see twice in one day. 3 Zodiac A huge film. The most epic film of the year. Only Gyllenhal is a bit over his h

My Home: Milwaukee

I will spare the long winded explanation of the psychological demanding 72 hour period that was my weekend. I love that city. Love it. And in saying that I think you you will understand when I say that I also hate it....... just a little bit too. Anyway... I went to the great Mystery One book store. Here is what I bought. At the City's Edge - Marcus Sakey An easier purchase was never made. Does that analogy make sense? Reviews of his first book were... still are... rapturous. I enjoyed the book a great deal. I mentioned the book in my Winter Preview. He is a Chicago writer. Gots to support my Midwestern brothers! The Accident Man - Tom Cain I had heard about the UK release of this book a little while ago. What I heard did not necessarily interest me, i.e. Diana, Princess of Wales. The broader aspects of the book.... assassin who kills by staging accidents.... does hold my attention. Lee Child endorses this book, but what thriller is not endorsed by Lee Child? Seriously, name one