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Summer Preview - 2010

My Summer Preview 2010 is almost a week late, but that is ok. Mrs. Hungry Detective had a birthday and it was a gigantic production. Dominoes, 90 degree heat, an art happening, Karaoke, a trip to the emergency room, hitting a deer, driving to Syracuse and the World Cup were all accomplished in 48 hours. This summer is even more bountiful then it has been in the past. A lot of books caught my eye. There are 22 books here, and that certainly must be a record. I wish I had the time to read them all. If I am lucky 2 or 3 will cross my already full summer reading schedule. As always The Hungry Detective encourages you to buy books! STRONG JUSTICE - Jon Land - June 22 The long history of the Texas Rangers has always fascinated me. James Lee Burke has put it to effective use in his Billy Bob Holland books. Plus the Rangers have one of the great all-time slogans. One riot, One Ranger. Balls! I guess I should mention that Mr. Land's protagonist is Catlin Strong a 5th generation Texas Ran


I don't have the faintest idea of the internal machinations of Northern Ireland over the last 90 years. It is daunting particularly because the events are treated as sacrosanct. What I know falls into whatever THE CRYING GAME, MICHAEL COLLINS, SUNDAY, BLOODY, SUNDAY, HUNGER, and IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER have decided to tell me. It is an overwhelming historical event that intimidates rather than ingratiates the uneducated to come to some half-baked understanding of its causes. I mean is it trite to say that the whole thing is a mess and both sides have blood on their hands? However, as a cultural and societal phenomenon Northern Ireland and the Troubles are terribly fertile grounds. Stuart Neville tries to tackle the whole bloody mess with THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST . Gerry Fegan is a button man, an assassin. When he was ordered to kill he did so with the understanding that he was helping to bring about a free Northern Ireland. But now it is years later. The younger generation is more

2010 Barry Award Nominations

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine released their Barry award nominations a few days ago. The winners will be announced at the San Francisco B'Con.  Of course the most curious award is the Mystery/Crime Novel of the Decade. I'm sure I have something to say about it... I just don't know what that might be. The Hungry Detective extends their congratulations to all of the nominees and wishes them the best of luck. Best Novel: THE GATES - John Connolly - Atria THE HIDDEN MAN - David Ellis - Putnam SPADE & ARCHER - Joe Gores - Knopf THE LAST CHILD -  John Hart - Minotaur LOCKED IN - Marcia Muller - Grand Central SHANGHAI MOON - S.J. Rozan - Minotaur Best First Novel: BEAT THE REAPER - Josh Bazell  - Little, Brown THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE - Alan Bradley - Delacorte A TRACE OF SMOKE - Rebecca Cantrell - Forge A BAD DAY FOR SORRY - Sophie Littlefield - Minotaur Black WATER RISING - Attica Locke - Harper THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST - Stuar

2010 Macavity Award Nominations

Mystery Readers International recently announced their 2010 nominations. And like the Barry's and Anthony's the winners will be announced at this year's B'Con in Shake Town. The Hungry Detective extends their congratulations to all of the nominees and wishes them the best of luck. Best Mystery Novel BURY ME DEEP - Megan Abbott - Simon & Schuster TOWER - Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman - Busted Flush Press NECESSARY AS BLOOD - Deborah Crombie - Wm. Morrow NEMESIS - Jo Nesbø , translated by Don Bartlett - HarperCollins THE BRUTAL TELLING - Louise Penny - Minotaur THE SHANGHAI MOON - S.J. Rozan - Minotaur Best First Mystery Novel THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE - Alan Bradley - Delacorte RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL - Jamie Freveletti - Wm. Morrow A BAD FOR SORRY - Sophie Littlefield - Minotaur THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST - Stuart Neville - Soho Crime A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE - Malla Nunn - Picador Best Mystery Nonfiction L.A. NOIR: THE

2010 Anthony Award Nominations

Anthony nominations appeared on Friday. Sorry for the delay. All sorts of non-THD things happened on Friday and Saturday to delay me getting this post up in a timely fashion. Sunday, well I was just being lazy. My only concern with the list is the number of repeat Edgar nominees. One in PBO, two for Best Novel, three for Best First Novel, Four for Short Story and Nonfiction. A good book is a good book. And,I am not saying these aren't worthy nominees, just lacking a bit in imagination. Surprisingly, I have read a good number of them. I'll probably be able to pick of a few more between now and when the awards are handed out at the San Francisco B'Con . Which, unfortunately, I'll be passing up this year. Boo. There is a word that describes having to pay $269 dollars a night for a room, but this is a family blog.... The Hungry Detective extends their congratulations to all of the nominees and wishes them the best of luck. BEST NOVEL THE LAST CHILD - John Hart   - Mino

Books Received - May 2010

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of May 2010 AWAKENING - S.J. Bolton - Minotaur Books BLOOD HARVEST - S.J. Bolton - Minotaur Books CUT, PASTE, KILL - Marshal Karp - Minotaur Books THE TERRORIST - Peter Steiner - Minotaur Books BUY BACK - Brian M. Wiprud - Minotaur Books