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Jar City - The Movie

While checking the Telluride Film Festival catalogue, I noticed that one of the films shared the same title as the Arnaldur Indridason book, Jar City . Funnily enough they share a lot more. This Jar City is in fact an adaptation of the book! Exciting news to be sure, but even better is that it is playing at the Telluride Film Festival. Telluride is a suitably snooty festival that makes you travel to the festival site before even releasing the schedule films. Long story short, Jar City would not be in the festival if this was not a good film. Check out the non-subtitled trailer , for a glimpse at what the Telluride Catalog called CSI Iceland.

Recent Purchases

As we push through these Dog Days of August, times are lean here at THD. We are in preparations for our Upcoming Fall Releases post, and I was struck at the relative lack of titles to grab my attention. I know if I review the various lists again something will pop out and catch my eye. Even recent purchases have failed to spark life into this dulled brain. I wonder if this is not some residual end of summer blues. Am I predestined to feel depressed because this is the time of year when freedom was snatched from me in the form of school? Oh dear me..... here are the recent purchases. Storm Runners - T. Jefferson Parker . Other than one or two of his early books, I now own most of this author's output. Which is in the theme of this post, excitingly depressing. I have yet to read any of his work, or even be inspired to do so. Bit the bullet and do it I guess. TJP is moving to the top of the pile! The Spellman Files - Liza Lutz I dismissed this book as Chick Lit a few months ago,

Recent Purchases, Recent Illness

THD arrived safely at Corporate headquarters this morning at 3:00am! Consequently, a minor sore throat has turned into a pretty good chest cold. Do no fret for this Publisher and Editor, as KM is busy taking care of health related matters. So as mentioned in the previous post I did have a chance to visit the Seattle Mystery Bookshop on the third day of our stay. I went with intent of only buying two books. The Song is You and Queenpin , by Megan Abbott . Both were available and both were purchased. I read Megan's first book, Die A Little, earlier this year. It was pulpy and awesome. I also went for A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta . I thought his first was a tremendous book. I read his second a few weeks ago, and found it a step below his debut. But that is like comparing a great book to a very good one. Still highly enjoyable. Last purchase was Volk's Game by Brent Ghelfi. I know nothing about this book or this author. It is a debut, and according to the gentleman at t

Well, I do call it The Hungry Detective

Well, now that I don't have an internet connection I have to pay for I can type out my reflections of Seattle. Sure, Seattle is brimming with free WiFi but our otherwise sterling hotel was sans freeness. The thought of dragging the 'puter around to WiFi Hotspots was not high on list of must see attractions, plus it was vacation. Standouts included the Broadway tryout for the new Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein . Sadly the Pike Place Market did not disappoint. The market is one of those things you want to shove in locals faces by saying "Ehhh it was only okay." Vancouver Island and the Butchart Gardens were very nice. Nearing the top of the list was the Cinerama Theatre were KM and I saw The Simpson's . On Tuesday we hit a three punch combination that knocked our socks off. First to last in no order of preference was the monumental Salumi . A sandwich shop that focuses on cured meats. KM and I shared a meatball sub and Salumi Salami sandwich. The place is

Tardiness is the Hallmark of a Good Blog

The Anthony nominations were announced last week. A number of blogs posted them, and initially THD felt it would be overkill..... not to mention the cut and paste job we would be doing from one blog to this one. Anyway it was decided that it never hurts to keep the buzz going. Awards will be given at the Anchorage Bouchercon. Early THD Handicapping gives the edge to Pickard, Penny, Huston (in a killer category), Abbott, Niebuhr, and Ardai. BEST NOVEL ALL MORTAL FLESH, Julia Spencer-Fleming THE DEAD HOUR, Denise Mina KIDNAPPED, Jan Burke NO GOOD DEEDS, Laura Lippman THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS, Nancy Pickard BEST FIRST NOVEL A FIELD OF DARKNESS, Cornelia Read THE HARROWING, Alexandra Sokoloff HOLMES ON THE RANGE, Steve Hockensmith THE KING OF LIES, John Hart STILL LIFE, Louise Penny BEST PAPERBACK ORIGINAL ASHES AND BONES, Dana Cameron BABY SHARK, Robert Fate THE CLEANUP, Sean Doolittle A DANGEROUS MAN, Charlie Huston 47 RULES OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE BANK ROBBERS, Troy Cook SHOTGUN OPERA,