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Summer Preview 2011 - Bratwurst Edition

Summer is only a few days old so it is time a for the The Hungry Detective Summer Preview. Summer is always the biggest time of the year for Crime Fiction releases. Of course there are more than a few books that have my interest piqued. WITNESS TO DEATH - Dave White - Now I stumbled across this book while reading an interview that Duane Swiercyncski's did on his blog with author Dave White. I love this guy. THE EVIL THAT MEN DO is still a book that I think about. Great stuff. This is an e-book release, and I plan on enjoying all 4200 pages on my Kindle iPhone app just as soon as I can.  A BAD DAY FOR SCANDAL - Sophie Littlefield - Now I'm reading Ms. Littlefield's second book now. I always lament the lack of female writers in my Crime Fiction education, this is making up for that right now. I hear only good things about this author. This is her third book. STEAL THE SHOW - Thomas Kaufman - July 5 The second book for this author. THD had the opportunity to interview

Books Received - May 2011

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of May 2011. THE MASK OF TROY - David Gibbins - Dell THE BROTHERS OF BAKER STREET - Michael Robertson - Minotaur Books-Thomas Dunne Books AN ORDINARY DECENT CRIMINAL - Michael Van Rooy - Minotaur Books-Thomas Dunne Books A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY - Sophie Littlefield - Minotaur Books-Thomas Dunne Books EAST OF SUNSET - Ken Mercer - Minotaur Books-Thomas Dunne Books