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Ahhhhhhh...... the McConaughey. I happen to think that this is pretty good casting for Mickey Haller, but it is all based on looks. My problem with 'the McConaughey' is that the guy just lacks gravitas. He is a light weight.... always will be. What sells the movie for me is the fantastic supporting cast.


My favorite authors produce books so routinely that I often don't even need the requisite year for their latest to appear in my local bookshop. That sounds horribly jaded, I know. That at any moment during the year I have access to a new book from somebody I love to read is not exactly a hardship. I guess, maybe, I'm talking about the mystery of anticipation. I have a few writers that I scour the internet for any possible shred of news on their latest book. Adrian McKinty falls into that category. That I have waited this long to post news about this upcoming release is just sheer foolishness on my part.


It is pretty obvious by the lack of activity around here that Crime Fiction and The Hungry Detective are not seeing eye to eye. The reasons are many, but as I mentioned in my Fall Preview there is nothing worse than a blogger complaining about their own complacency. Suffice to say the blame lies squarely with me, but it does not help that Crime Fiction seems hellbent on being mediocre right now. A couple weeks ago I picked up the last Easy Rawlins book, BLONDE FAITH, with the hopes that through sheer nostalgia I could rekindle the love affair.  BLONDE FAITH is a very good book, but sadly I just did not feel it. All of which makes writing that THE NEAREST EXIT is undoubtedly the best thing I've to read this year all the more thrilling. I know that it should not be a great surprise. Mr. Steinhauer's first in this series was THE TOURIST. I loved that book. THE NEAREST EXIT is fantastic and it ascends to something greater. It blows away all of the paint by numbers plotting and sto

Books Received - October 2010

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of October 2010. THE DEAD PATH - Stephen M. Irwin - Doubleday THE VIOLET HOUR - Daniel Judson - Minotaur Books A DEAD MAN'S TALE - James D. Doss - Minotaur Books OUTWITTING TROLLS - William G. Tapply - Minotaur Books