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Los Angeles, Dogs and Mr. Robert Crais

I moved to Los Angeles about two weeks ago. Long story mercifully short is that the whole enterprise is a happy, but sad event. It depends on the day, but so far more happy than sad. One of the many happy parts is that my relocation brings me to a city with infinitely more opportunity to reinvigorate my love of Crime Fiction. To that end I went to Diesel Bookstore in tony Brentwood for a signing of one of the best and brightest that Crime Fiction has to offer, Mr. Robert Crais . Mr. Crais has been one of my favorites dating all the way back to INDIGO SLAM or VOODOO RIVER . Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are two of the most dependable characters in Crime Fiction. Stand-up guys whose honesty and loyalty for each other and those they have sworn to protect are markers for the real world. SUSPECT shifts away from Elvis and Joe to Scott and Maggie. Scott the PTSD Cop who recently lost his partner and Maggie his PTSD Police Dog recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Scott and