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Let me backtrack for a second...

[ Editors Note: I wrote this post about six weeks ago. I have been tinkering with it since. It is a bog standard post so I don't understand my reticence. Even now I don't think it is done. ] My latest purchases are Edward Gorey books. I'll talk about them, but first let me go back. I bought the four most recent books by Adrian McKinty. I read them in about six weeks. The books were restorative in the exact way that I had hoped. A solid author turning in solid work. Perhaps that sounds like damning them with faint praise, not all. I found the Duffy Trilogy along with FALLING GLASS to be the most evocative books I've read in sometime. Along with the McKinty, the latest Michael Connolly, and likely the best Easy Rawlins in fifteen years means that I can't even remember the last book I read that was a dud.  The California Antiquarian Book Fair happened more than a few months ago now. I talked up the lock I felt that purchasing James Lee Burke's HEAVEN'S P

Not Even Past - Dave White

I meant to write just a few quick words as I have done previously...but then it morphed into the longer piece below. This book was a difficult for me. Not Even Past - Dave White I am fan of Dave White's first two Jackson Donne books, When One Man Dies and the truly exceptional The Evil that Men Do . Gritty and urban with an every-man quality that got across the wide landscape of New Jersey without screaming Born to Run in your face. They are solid P.I. books and if nothing else I encourage you dig those out. They are great reads. He followed that up with a standalone ebook, Witness to Death , a book that I was delighted to find I had been burbled for in his long in waiting follow up Not Even Past . As a quick side note I got the first two books signed by Dave White at the Baltimore Bouchercon. He mentioned his next book would be awhile. I remember thinking... What eighteen months? Two years? No, no, seven years later. We are reintroduced to Jackson Donne, an in his 30'