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Lawrence Block - Grantland Podcast

Lawrence Block - Grantland Podcast Here is another Grantland podcast featuring the great Lawrence Block. This comes from Brian Koppleman on his podcast The Moment. Now unlike the Dennis Lehane podcast from a couple weeks ago I have not listened to this and unlike Dennis Lehane I have not read very much Lawrence Block. In fact the correct answer is one. I have read one book by Lawrence Block. That does not mean you shouldn't and that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen this podcast. Enjoy!

Bouchercon 2014 - Panels

Likely not the final schedule, but lots to peruse with the release  of the Long Beach Bouchercon panels. The Hungry Detective will be there Thursday PM to Sunday. I'll miss all the panels on Thursday, but I'll catch up with the authors I'll miss later in the weekend. I think I'm destined to take it pretty easy the days I am there. Four Bouchercons later, I've learned my limits. I will bring a lot fewer books to sign. Right it now it stands at 30 books. a misleading number because two authors account for half that number.  About a week out I'll write a 'best of panels' post for the whole weekend.

Dennis Lehane on THE DROP + more

Dennis Lehane - Grantland Podcast Here is a good podcast from the greater Grantland empire. I have listened to a lot of the Grantland podcasts the last few months. And just about every one is smart, thoughtful, and frequently silly. Interviewed by Andy Greenwald, Mr. Lehane focuses THE DROP in all its forms, but touches on his work during THE WIRE, and writing THE GIVEN DAY, LIVE BY NIGHT, and the forthcoming conclusion WORLD GONE BY. Plus a mess of upcoming TV projects. Check it...

I'm gonna buy these books

In version 1.0 of this blog I wrote quarterly book release previews. I enjoyed that aspect a great deal, so here are a few things I'll buy in the coming months. WAYFARING STRANGER - James Lee Burke - Out Now A strictly non-series book from Mr. Burke is a rare occurrence...and honestly I am not even 100% that WAYFARING STRANGER does not refer to previous work. In the past, I have fooled myself into believing that I did not have to buy them to have the complete canon. That was foolish thinking. [Editors Note: A quick glance of Mr. Burke's website notes the main character being a part of the large 'Holland' clan.]  THE RECKONING - Rennie Airth - Out Now The first in this series, RIVER OF DARKNESS, lingers long in my memory. It is a great book. The two sequels are a case of diminishing returns. I don't believe either of those books survived the purge where as I would be loathed to part with RIVER OF DARKNESS. Perhaps it is the several year intermission betw

This is an addendum to the previous post

I bought another Edward Gorey. A SILENT FILM. It is the least illustrated book that Edward Gorey ever created...although I am not an expert. I bought it at an auction. An honest to goodness...albeit over the I frequent an Edward Gorey blog that announced the auction of a Gorey collection at the Swann Auction House. Of the 200 or so lots, three caught my eye. Which is too say there were delusions of grandeur. The day of the auction I watched two of three bids fall quickly away. One was for his first book, THE UNSTRUNG HARP, and the other was for his second Fantod Press package. Those lots sold for far more money than I thought they were worth. As for the third lot, A SILENT FILM, I was the sole bidder. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! It is a lovely little book. A screenplay with a sole illustration on the front cover. The book is a limited edition release of 100 copies. I have book 26. [Editors Note: This is incorrect, but for the life of me I can not remember to