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The Very Best of Mr. Dennis Lehane

I thought this post would appear in October. Ya, know when SHUTTER ISLAND: THE MOVIE was supposed to be released. And then it wasn't. Something about Leo not being able to do 'press' for the movie. Doesn't really matter the reason, a February release date has one of those fancy Hollywood meanings: Not Good. Look I'll be honest, I didn't connect with SHUTTER ISLAND. I loved the fifties setting, the haunted house atmosphere, and impending doom of the Hurricane. Even the set-up of the story was intriguing but how it played out just didn't work for me. Some interesting characters, a bunch of great set pieces, but the ending announces itself with an expected, thud that went nowhere. Am I still going to the movie? Its Lehane, Scorsese, Leo, and Ruffalo of course I am. Anyway the list. 8. Prayers for Rain - 1999 The last Kenzie-Gennaro book follows our heroes as they investigate a guy who is terrorizing women into committing suicide. The book played like an episo

Robert B. Parker - RIP

2010 Edgar Nominations

I woke with some excitement today knowing that 2010 Edgar nominations were close. But sadly with the passing of Robert Parker, the nomination announcement is a bit muted. Mr. Parker was honored as a Grand Master in 2002 and in 1977 Mr. Parker won Best Novel for PROMISED LAND . I have some quick reactions to the nominations. You can find them beneath the relevant category. Certainly taken as a whole this group of books strikes me as bit more commercial (not quite the right word) minded than last year's group. This is not meant as a slight against last year's books and those who selected them, but certainly a lot less head scratching this year. BEST NOVEL THE MISSING by Tim Gautreaux - Random House - Alfred A. Knopf THE ODDS by Kathleen George - Minotaur Books THE LAST CHILD by John Hart - Minotaur Books MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH by Charlie Huston - Random House - Ballantine Books NEMESIS by Jo Nesbø , translated by Don Bartlett - HarperCollins A BEAUTIFUL PL

You'll Read What I Tell Ya! - The Best of 2009

2009 has come to a close. I had hoped to fit in a couple more books after LEVEL 26, but a desperate need for sanity prevailed. I just did not want to read any more this year. Terrible, I know, but necessary. Books were actually the easiest thing to cut out of my life. The Hungry Detective had Christmas to celebrate, gifts to buy, travel to surmount. There are a handful of 2009 books I am still excited to read. I'll knock those off before moving on 2010. Still wondering when I am going to buy a 2010 book. Hopeful I can hold off for a bit. Compiling the list proved relatively easy, but the exact order has been a difficult one. Besides the Top Three I was also a big fan of FIFTY GRAND by Adrian McKinty , THE MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH by Charlie Huston and THE MANUAL OF DETECTION by Jedediah Berry . Looking at the list now I only have a small pang of regret about what should be where. First up is THD's favorite non-2009 release. Wow, what a great book. I could feel