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2011 Edgar nominations appear tomorrow. I'll posted the nominations and the usual commentary here, but there is always the Edgar site if you are looking to avoid my particular brand of drivel.

Winter Preview 2010/11

The Winter Preview is a bit late this year. The Hungry Detective raided the petty cash at the office and spent the Christmas Holiday in the UK. Besides shoveling, Ms. Hungry Detective and I have been trying to keep up with Oscar bait in the theater. The end of the year has come and gone, but I should have my Best of 2010 up in a few days. That will be a neat trick. Frequent readers of the blog know that I have been at a low ebb. Sorry about that. I'm going to stop beating myself up about it pretty soon. For now you should check out these books. The Good Lord willing so will I. THE SENTRY - Robert Crais - January 11 Third in the Joe Pike books.  I'll be honest, THE FIRST RULE was not nearly as compelling as THE WATCHMAN. Does that mean I'll be passing up this latest? Hardly. WORLD'S GREATEST SLUETH - Steve Hockensmith - January 18 Love the setting, love the character, love the light comic touch. This is a pretty reliable series, and one I look forward to every year.

Books Received - December 2010

It is the good fortune of The Hungry Detective to now and again receive books from authors, publishers or their associated marketing agencies. These books were received in the month of December 2010. RIZZO'S WAR - Lou Manfredo - Minotaur Books Gone 'Til November - Wallace Stroby - Minotaur Books VIENNA TWILIGHT - Frank Tallis - Random House