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Late Spring to Early Fall

Dear Kind Reader of The Hungry Detective, I wrote this post, which I am now publishing, in September of last year. It brought me more or less up to date on my reading habits during the Summer of 2021. LONDON RULES, JOE COUNTRY, SLOUGH HOUSE - Mick Herron I should have read these books at a more leisurely pace, instead of straining to finish one only to strain to finish the next in effort to read all seven books in a condensed timeline. Generally felt the diminishing returns as the series progressed. Character traits once amusing now slightly grate. I definitely favor the early books. My own taste runs more to the serious Spy Thriller whilst both feet of the Slow Horses series are grounded in comedy if not the outright absurd... which given the current reality is probably closer to the truth. I'll happily read the latest, BAD ACTORS, later this Summer. THE UNKINDNESS OF STRANGERS - M.E. Hilliard Like any self respecting Crime Fiction reader I picked this up because of the striking d