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Fall Preview - 2011

There is nothing so over as Summer.  It is odd that August chokes you with heat, and then suddenly it is six week later and I have to fight from turning the heat on.

A trip home to visit my father for his 70th Birthday means this is showing up a little late. I also held off to see if a few more release dates firmed up. A good portion of this list has already arrived on shelves, so go out and buy these books.

PIRATE KING - Laurie R. King - Out Now
I have fallen behind on this series. I plan on correcting this short-sightedness soon. Her spin on Sherlock Holmes has always worked because she figured out a way to make Holmes second banana to Mary Russell.

CITY OF SECRETS - Kelli Stanley - Out Now
The second book in Ms. Stanley's highly regarded Miranda Corbie series.

FEAST DAY OF FOOLS - James Lee Burke - Out Now
Jonathan Franzen can suck it, Mr. Burke is America's best author. I'm only half serious, because I have not read Mr. Franzen. Mr. Burke on the other hand should be considered a national treasure.

OPERATION NAPOLEON - Arnaldur Indridason - Out Now
Nazi plane crash in Iceland = Awesome. My tiny concerns is the bleakness of his Erlendur series could overly infect this adventure tale.

DEVIANT - Adrian McKinty - Out Now
A criminally under read author returns with a YA title. You should probably be reading his grown up fiction as well.

CHELSEA MANSIONS - Barry Maitland - October 25
I'm an anglophile, particularly as it relates to Crime Fiction. I need to pick up the latest in the Brock and Kolla series and read this guy.

11/22/63 - Stephen King - November 8
My Stephen King experience extends to exactly one short story, Apt Pupil, of all things.  However, clocking in at nearly a 1,000 pages does give one pause.

THE DROP - Michael Connelly - November 28
Bosch = Awesome. Yeah...I went with the '= awesome' twice this post. Feel pretty good about it too. Seriously, Mr. Connelly has been firing on all cylinders with both Bosch and  Haller.

HURT MACHINE - Reed Farrell Coleman - December 18 
Mr Coleman has long been an author I would love to read. Less trying, more doing. Thanks Yoda.


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