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Murder, Mayhem and the Return of Patrick and Angie

Back from Murder and Mayhem in Muskego IV. It was an ultimately very good weekend if not for a few hiccups. The original intention was to attend the mini-con with my sister who lives in Appleton. Alas, she caught one of the fifty or so colds she will have in the next three months. Everyone at The Hungry Detective office hopes she feels better, and we are already looking forward to attending the fifth installment with her next year. The second minor disappointment was the, I'm sure, entirely unavoidable absences of Duane Swierczynski and Harry Hunsicker. Bummer. (Ed Note. Duane's twitter feed notes a Christening... Cheers to that Mr. Swierczynski!)

All of this is, of course, is weighted by the very wonderful news that Dennis Lehane, after taking the balance of a year off after finishing The Given Day, is writing a new book. And it is a Kenzie and Gennaro book. Woo-Hoo! In terms of my own education about Crime Fiction, Dennis is an important figure. I was reading a lot by the time Richard Katz of MysteryOne recommended A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR. Dennis was new, young and GREAT. That book fuels an inexhaustible drive for the next great young author, the next Dennis Lehane.

The Dennis Lehane interview by Michael Koryta capped the event, but other highlights included B. Clay Moore talking about his graphic novel Hawaiian Dick and the general hilarity of everything thing that came out of Victor Gischler's mouth... that sounds pretty gross... then again so where most of the actual words that did in fact come out of his mouth. Finally, I hope to count this as the only time I will see a weapon discharged in a library.

(Ed. Note. Check the report from Central Crime Zone.)


Sean Chercover said…
Dude! I can't believe I missed you there. Damn.
Victor is a registered lethal weapon in three states and four counties.
Dan Wagner said…
Sean, we were somehow always on the opposite side of the room. Plus I didn't want to be that guy.... the one who interrupts people who are in conversation, just to act like a 'jackass' fan. Cheers!
adrian mckinty said…
Lehane always gives good I/V. He's a thoughtful guy. well as being talented and mega mega rich.

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