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Over to the B&N this evening to see what I could see. Not looking for anything in particular, but given some of my Milwaukee scouting I knew that a few things had come to the overstock/bargain racks.

A few things I did not buy were James O. Born's Shock Wave. Bought it at the Madison B'Con. Would have been happy to save about $20, but I am much happier to have James signature. Also pasted on Jonathon King's A Killing Night. Here is an author that I would love to get into, but for one reason or another it never happened. Suppose I could try and back build his books, but his first book The Blue Edge of Midnight could set me back a little at this point. George Pelecanos's The Night Gardener was also available. Could of saved a little cash there too. One of the big debuts from last year was Brian Freeman's Immoral. Still I recommend all of these authors.

So what did I buy? Grab a seat Broseph 'cuz I am about to drop some crime fiction buying wisdom.

Drama City by George Pelecanos, Val McDermid by Torment of Others, and Alafair Burke's second, Missing Justice. I have yet to read her first but good reviews and genes mean I'll by her sight unseen...... for a bit. Similar situation w/ the McDermid. I am only actively getting the Tony Hill books, because I am huge fan of the UK Wire in the Blood series. Had several chances to buy Drama City last year and never did. Glad to have saved the money here, but I do try to support authors upon the initial release of the book. Sometimes it just does not happen.

Total cost. $17.43. Total savings $1.43.


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