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Spring Preview 2011 - Warmer, Please Edition.

Hello. Spring appears to be here. I say appears because the other day we got about three inches of snow. Stupid snow.

Spring Preview arrives with more than a few books I would like to add to my permanent collection. I'm sure some of them will make it. The rest I will lament like friends who I never call (or blogs I never update). Sigh.

Of course my thanks go to Fantastic Fiction and The Bloodstained Bookshelf in helping THD to compile this list

THE FIFTH WITNESS - Michael Connelly - April 5
I've warmed up to the Haller books ever so slowly.

HEADS YOU LOSE - Lisa Lutz and David Hayward - April 5
Ms. Lutz is pretty hilarious even if her books are a little too caught up in stylistic flourishes. A book by dueling authors sounds like fun.

HELL IS EMPTY - Craig Johnson - June 2
Finally got around to giving this guy a read last year. He is pretty good.

NOW YOU SEE ME - SJ Bolton - June 7
Reminds me of early Minette Walters, I'm hooked.

THE RIDGE - Michael Koryta - June 7
I'll be …