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This Bit of Business...

The return of 'Awesome' Dave White! The Return of Jackson Donne! Read. This. Guy. Hurry February. Hurry....

Recent Purchases

Dear Adrien McKinty -- I could use the excuse that gutless American publishers have kept me from purchasing your books over the last few years. They did not. Amazon UK is both a blessing and a curse in this case. I could tell you that I have experienced an ennui about Crime Fiction over the last three years. I could also tell you an equally convoluted story about priorities and lessons of adulthood that are still mysterious even at the age of 42. I'll spare you as I am certain that it would bore you as quickly as it does me at this point. So, let me write that I recently bought three of your books, and that I think of DEAD I MAY WELL BE so often.
All my very best to you in the New Year,
Dan  The Hungry Detective