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The Very Best of Mr. Dennis Lehane

I thought this post would appear in October. Ya, know when SHUTTER ISLAND: THE MOVIE was supposed to be released. And then it wasn't. Something about Leo not being able to do 'press' for the movie. Doesn't really matter the reason, a February release date has one of those fancy Hollywood meanings: Not Good.

Look I'll be honest, I didn't connect with SHUTTER ISLAND. I loved the fifties setting, the haunted house atmosphere, and impending doom of the Hurricane. Even the set-up of the story was intriguing but how it played out just didn't work for me. Some interesting characters, a bunch of great set pieces, but the ending announces itself with an expected, thud that went nowhere.

Am I still going to the movie? Its Lehane, Scorsese, Leo, and Ruffalo of course I am. Anyway the list.

8. Prayers for Rain - 1999
The last Kenzie-Gennaro book follows our heroes as they investigate a guy who is terrorizing women into committing suicide. The book played like an episode o…

Robert B. Parker - RIP

2010 Edgar Nominations

I woke with some excitement today knowing that 2010 Edgar nominations were close. But sadly with the passing of Robert Parker, the nomination announcement is a bit muted. Mr. Parker was honored as a Grand Master in 2002 and in 1977 Mr. Parker won Best Novel for PROMISED LAND.

I have some quick reactions to the nominations. You can find them beneath the relevant category. Certainly taken as a whole this group of books strikes me as bit more commercial (not quite the right word) minded than last year's group. This is not meant as a slight against last year's books and those who selected them, but certainly a lot less head scratching this year.

THE MISSING by Tim Gautreaux - Random House - Alfred A. Knopf
THE ODDS by Kathleen George - Minotaur Books
THE LAST CHILD by John Hart - Minotaur Books
MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH by Charlie Huston - Random House - Ballantine Books
NEMESIS by Jo Nesbø, translated by Don Bartlett - HarperCollins

You'll Read What I Tell Ya! - The Best of 2009

2009 has come to a close. I had hoped to fit in a couple more books after LEVEL 26, but a desperate need for sanity prevailed. I just did not want to read any more this year. Terrible, I know, but necessary. Books were actually the easiest thing to cut out of my life. The Hungry Detective had Christmas to celebrate, gifts to buy, travel to surmount. There are a handful of 2009 books I am still excited to read. I'll knock those off before moving on 2010. Still wondering when I am going to buy a 2010 book. Hopeful I can hold off for a bit.

Compiling the list proved relatively easy, but the exact order has been a difficult one. Besides the Top Three I was also a big fan of FIFTY GRAND by Adrian McKinty, THE MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH by Charlie Huston and THE MANUAL OF DETECTION by Jedediah Berry. Looking at the list now I only have a small pang of regret about what should be where. First up is THD's favorite non-2009 release.
Wow, what a great book. I could feel the…