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Shamus Award Winners - 2008

The Shamus Awards were handed out tonight. Tickets were a cool $60. The Hungry Detective wishes we had enough money in the petty cash fund to afford a ticket. Banquets last for a couple hours.... but book purchases are forever!

More commentary later. Monday.

Winners in Red and bold. THD made some picks about a million months ago; they are in Blue.

Best Hardcover
Head Games - Thomas B. Cavanagh
Soul Patch - Reed Farrel Coleman
The Color of Blood - Declan Hughes
A Welcome Grave - Michael Koryta
A Killer’s Kiss - William Lashner

Best Paperback Original
Songs of Innocence - Richard Aleas
Exit Strategy - Kelley Armstrong
Stone Rain - Linwood Barclay
Deadly Beloved - Max Allan Collins
Blood of Paradise - David Corbett

Best First Novel
The Cleaner - Brett Battles
Keep It Real - Bill Bryan
Big City, Bad Blood - Sean Chercover
When One Man Dies - Dave White
The Last Striptease - Michael Wiley

Best Short Story
Kill The Cat - Loren D. Estleman (Detroit Noir)
Trust Me - Loren Estleman (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine)
Open Mike - James Nolan (New Orleans Noir)
Hungry Enough - Cornelia Read (A Hell of a Woman)
Room for Improvement - Marilyn Todd (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)


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