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Summer! Bummer! Upcoming Book Drops

I don't know if this is true for you, but my ability to read decreases sharply between May and September as I attempt to maintain the best lawn on my block. Book purchasing also declines a bit, but that does not mean there are not interesting books releasing.

The new releases desk of The Hungry Detective has culled many resources to produce this list, and I have thrown in my two cents.... more like my $24.95..... to bring you THD's most anticipated for Summer 2007.

Queenpin - Megan Abbott (June 4)
Pulp with a female perspective is slightly naughty. Maybe that is just the 15 year old boy in me. I hope there is a chapter or two detailing pillow fights in lingerie. Ya know typical girl stuff. Seriously, Megan has a cultivated a huge cult following with here first two books. I need to read one of them before this book releases.

The Tin Roof Blow Down - James Lee Burke (July 17)
James has spent the last 15 years at the top of Mount Crime Fiction, with few companions. Every book he writes is important. A minor bit of sacrileg is to say that, at this point, I prefer his Billy Bob Holland series to Robiceaux.

Crosshairs - Harry Hunsicker (August 7)
Third in the Lee Henry Oswald series. Our unfortunately named PI plies his trade in Dallas. Hilarity occasionally ensues from this otherwise tough series.

The Overlook - Michael Connelly (May 22)
New Bosch is old Bosch. This is the hard cover edition of the serialized story that appeared in the New York Times.

The Snake Stone - Jason Goodwin (June 26 UK, Oct 16 US)
His surprise Edgar win, will pretty much insure that his second in the Yashim Togalu series will get a nice push. I'm torn about checking this series out. Buying the first book in the series means I'm going to have to put out a little extra money to get this book.... unless I luck across it at B&N or the like.

A Welcome Grave - Michael Koryta (June 26)
Loved his first. Reports on his second say he is the real deal to stick around this racket for a bunch of books. I'll be there to read them all!

The Follower - Jason Starr (August 7)
October we will also the sequel to Bust, Slide. Double awesomeness is Ken Bruen is along to co-author.

The Mark
- Jason Pinter (June 26)
The list is light on debuts.... and I read heard good things..... or at least good blurbs.

Hard Man - Allan Guthrie (June 4 US... already available in the UK)
Mr. Guthrie's prolific use of the C-Word is a little unsettling , but Scottish is our favorite accent.

Jared Case - Murder at the Dryden. (Tentative title)
No publishing deal..... yet. But I hope my friend will let me read his first book this summer. It is no lie for us here at The Hungry Detective to write that this is our most anticipated book of this summer. Cheers Jared! Congratulations!

Don't forget to take a look at our previous list. Most of those books are already out, so grab them if you see them at your local independent bookseller. You will not be disappointed!


Marcus Sakey said…
Hey man, just wanted to drop by and thank you for the title suggestions! Much appreciated.



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