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The Hungry Detective Panel Picks - Bouchercon 2014

Hello and welcome to The Hungry Detective panel picks for the 2014 Long Beach Bouchercon. In years past I would pick one panel for each session. This time around I'm going to pick 2-3 for each day. Some of these I will make, and some of these I will be in a line to get books signed. It has been a few years since my last Bouchercon, and I am excited to return.

Safe travels if you are making the journey to Southern California.

The Hungry Detective is now based in the greater Los Angles area. A scheduling error will cause me to miss most of Saturday. However, I will be there for all of Thursday, and I am thankful for the 11:30 am start because I am going to have to take the subway to Long Beach.

11:30-12:30 Regency C
No More Badge: Crime Solvers Who've Left the Badge Behind
George Easter (Moderator), Paul Doiron, David Housewright, John Lutz, Sean Lynch

I like cops. I like detectives. I like detectives that used to be cops because something horrible happened when the were cops. More importantly I like what I have read from Paul Doiron so far.

1:00-2:00 Regency A
Al Abramson Fan Guest of Honor
Interviewed by SJ Rozan & William Kent Kruger

How about we support one of our own? Come on! Lets do it!

Honorable Mention: Murder in the Locked Room: Solving the 'Perfect' Crime; Where Do You Like Your Violence? Spilling Blood on Page and Off.

I'll be staying at the Conference hotel tonight and tomorrow. Good times. I will be drinking brown liquor at many points today. Friday is a big day, lots of panels, and lots of tough choices.

8:30-9:30 Regency D
Collecting 101: Tips and Tricks from the Experts on Building Your Collection
Otto Penzler (Moderator) Al Abramson, Les Blatt, Bill Gottfried Tom O'Day, Donus Roberts

Like I need an excuse to buy more books. I'll be interested to see how the panel plays out. In the past this type of panel just turns into common sense advice about collecting what you like, etc. Hoping for actual secrets and insights.

10:00-11:00 Promenade 104B
Masters of Suspense in Conversation
Otto Penzler (Moderator), Mark Billingham, C.J. Box, David Morrell, Kate White

Suspense is the topic but I'm guessing Mark Billingham will be pretty funny. No pressure Mr. Billingham.

11:30-12:30 Regency B

Belfast Noir: stories of Mayhem and Murder in Northern Ireland
Peter Rozovsky (Moderator), Gerard Brennan, Paul Charles, Adrian McKinty, Stuart Neville

This is the panel I am looking forward to most, without a doubt. I hope the panel comes with subtitles.

1:30-2:30 Promenade 104C
Cadaver Dog Demonstration
with Catt Warren, Jan Frazee, Sandy Peavey

There is only one thing I like more than dogs and that is petting dogs. There better be a dog available for the previously mentioned petting.

Honorable Mention: Been There Wrote That: How Well Do They Know Their Own Work;  The Mean Streets of Los Angeles Crime through the Ages, Murder in the Great Outdoors.

I'll miss all of the afternoon and evening due to work related issues. Mrs. Hungry Detective and I will run into Beverly Hills around 2 pm and be there until about 10 pm before we head back to Long Beach for a quick nightcap. Gutted to miss the Michael Connelly event. Not too sad to miss the hour long line to get books signed though.

11:30-12:30 Regency B
In the Wars: Mysteries Set in or Between the World Wars
David Magayna (Moderator) Aileen Baron, Carola Dunn, J Robert Janes, John Sandrolini, Charles Todd

11:30-12:30 Regency D
Small Town Murder: Bug Problems
Robin Burcell (Moderator), Deborah Atkinson, Mette Harrison, Frank Hayes, Karin Salvalaggio, Terry Shames

This will be a difficult choice as I am also interested in the Sherlock Holmes panel as well during this slot. I'm a fan both of these sub-genres. Game time decision.

Honorable Mention: Make Ours Noir: Why We Love the Genre.

Recovery! Breakfast! I'll check the final Uber Guest of Honor panel at 11:30a, and maybe the Do You Write What You Know panel at 10a. However you are more likely to find me running around Long Beach for a donut and checking out the Queen Mary. In the afternoon I'll be waiting in line for a handful of rides at Disneyland. 

I hope everyone has a great Long Beach Bouchercon!


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