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Spring Preview 2012

Spring arrived at The Hungry Detective offices in early March. Weather was so amazing that posting the Spring Preview seemed ridiculous. I was certain the cruel joke of Rochester weather would dump a ton of snow on us. But yesterday I threw away the ice scrappers, and fertilized the lawn. The fact that the lawn mower might be dead is a minor inconvenience. It was then I knew it was time to post the Spring Preview.

FUN HOUSE - Chris Grabenstein - May 1
A series that is a lot of fun, even if the quality has fallen off over the last couple books. John Ceepak is still a role model for living this life as a better man.

HARD COUNTRY - Michael McGarrity - May 10
I have never been let down by Mr. McGarrity. And, although this is a straight up Western, I'm still excited to see what this capable storyteller has in mind.

AS THE CROW FLIES - Craig Johnson - May 15
Day of release purchase. Boom! I blew through four of Mr. Johnson's books last fall. They were all a blast. Plus, the LONGMIRE series drops June 3rd. Woot!

THE LOST ONES - Ace Atkins - May 31
Book two in Mr. Atkins latest Quinn Colson series. I need to get on this, I've been a big fan of Mr. Atkins, but have fallen behind with his run reality based fiction novels, as well as, the Edgar nominated THE RANGER.

DEAD SCARED - S.J. Bolton - June 5
I so loved this author's second book, AWAKENING, that I have been looking for an excuse to read anything else by Ms. Bolton.

MISSION TO PARIS - Alan Furst - June 12
Mr. Furst books ostensible deal with spies and the second World War. In actuality they deal with human frailty. Either way, endlessly fascinating. 


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The Very Best of Mr. Dennis Lehane

I thought this post would appear in October. Ya, know when SHUTTER ISLAND: THE MOVIE was supposed to be released. And then it wasn't. Something about Leo not being able to do 'press' for the movie. Doesn't really matter the reason, a February release date has one of those fancy Hollywood meanings: Not Good.

Look I'll be honest, I didn't connect with SHUTTER ISLAND. I loved the fifties setting, the haunted house atmosphere, and impending doom of the Hurricane. Even the set-up of the story was intriguing but how it played out just didn't work for me. Some interesting characters, a bunch of great set pieces, but the ending announces itself with an expected, thud that went nowhere.

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