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Spring Fling Preview 2009

Gasp... is that the sun. Sweet excelsior of life, here to wash the putrescence of winter off my skin. Okay, so the The Hungry Detective is very happy to welcome Spring. My diatribe aside I generally love the winter, but right around the second or third week of February Winter becomes a heavy burden crushing my soul.

A plethora of Crime Fiction will appear in the coming months. Let's not waste a moment longer.

The Long Fall - Walter Mosley (March 24)
With the Easy Rawlins books in Mr. Mosley's rearview mirror... I give that 5 years... Mr Mosley switches his focus from LA to NYC. Mr. Mosley is one of the reasons I read crime fiction. However, my real concern is that most of Mr. Mosley's non Easy Rawlins work has left me cold.

The Dark Volume - GW Dahlquist (March 24)
Huh. Sometimes a book makes this list because of a jacket cover or interesting title. In this case the first book in the series was titled, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. It is even fun to type, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. Probably more fantasy than crime fiction, but still sounds intriguing.

Shadow and Light - Jonathan Rabb (March 31)
Germany. Between the wars. I am a sucker for Historical Crime Fiction. This one is set in the monolithic German film production company UFA. You may not be excited but The Hungry Detective is.

Devil's Garden - Ace Atkins (April 2)
Ace continues his recent run of fact based fictions. This time he turns his intoxicating prose to the infamous Roscoe Arbuckle case. Ace has been one of my favorites for several years.

Paolos Verdes Blues - John Shannon (April 7)
Here is one of the unsung LA based series. I dug around looking to pick up a book but the first in the series proved difficult to obtain. Maybe I'll just start here.

Fifty Grand - Adrian McKinty (April 28)
Cuba. It evokes a lot of images.... mostly those from The Godfather Part II. If he writes Cuba half as well as he does Mexican prisons this should be just fine. I am really looking forward to this book. This is a day of release purchase. Read everything this guy has written. NOW!

The Language of Bees - Laurie King -(April 28)
Continuation of the highly enjoyable Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes series. I'll admit to being a couple books behind. The last read was Justice Hall. Save for one or two, these books always delivery.

Dust and Shadows - Lyndsay Faye (April 28)
Dr. John Watson and Jack the Ripper. Yep! I know this story has been covered in fiction before. There is a film, Murder by Decree, that is based on a similar premise. I may not buy this book, but I will definitely read it at the library.

Sunnyside - Glen David Gold - (May 5)
One of the great books of my life is this author's first book, Carter Beats the Devil. I dream about making that book into the film The images are so clear to me. This is my most anticipated, non-crime fiction, book of the Spring.

The Secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith (May 19)
People fell all over themselves heaping praise on Child 44. Had I not expected the second coming I might have enjoyed it a bit more. That, an ignorance of it main source inspiration. Anyway, I am still looking forward to the new book.

The Scarecrow - Michael Connelly (May26)
While I think The Last Coyote is Mr. Connelly's masterpiece, my favorite book of his is The Poet. The Scarecrow marks the return of reporter Jack McEvoy. McEvoy was the hero of The Poet, and other than Bosch, is my favorite Michael Connelly creation. McEvoy has made a few cameos but THD is glad to see him have his own book.

The Criminal Next Door - Troy Cook (June)
Here is an author that I worry is a secret genius. One of these day's he is going to write a book that sells a billion copies and I will regret not buying his previous work... well that and not reading him sooner.

And still there are a bunch of books coming from many well known authors. Nevada Barr, Giles Blunt, Harlan Coban, Brian Freeman, Hakan Nessar, Greg Rucka, Michael Robotham, John Sandford, John Hart, George Pelecanos.


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