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Winter 2008/09 Preview

Yesterday, The Hungry Detective had to get up early to shovel the driveway. I would have the intern handle this menially task but he is planning a pagan Winter Solstice party. In any case, it seemed like a good day to look forward to a few books that will be releasing in the coming months.

Dead or Alive - Michael McGarrity (December 26)
Book 12 of the Kevin Kearney series. Many, many times I have said how much I enjoy this guy's work. Glad another one is on the way. With Tony Hillerman now riding that old Appaloosa in the sky, I assure you that Michael McGarrity will cure your hankering for Southwestern Mystery.

The Chalk Circle Man - Fred Vargas (January 6)
Yet another complicated release history. The Chalk Circle Man is Vargas's first book to feature her rumpled creation, Commissaire Adamsberg. A closer check reveals this may only be a Canadian release.

The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death - Charlie Huston (Jan 13)
Great title. Great Cover. What's the book about? No idea.

The Samaritan's Secret - Matt Rees (Feb 1)
Rees won the John Creasey New Blood Dagger for the first in this series, The Collaborator of Bethlehem.

The Renegades - T. Jefferson Parker (Feb. 10)
I recently read the Edgar winning Silent Joe, and enjoyed it a great deal. I'll be reading more of Mr. Parker's canon over the next year for sure.

Posed For Murder - Meredith Cole (Feb. 17)
Met Ms. Cole at the Baltimore B'Con. I don't read enough female authors so I'll be picking this up.

Safer - Sean Doolittle (Feb. 24)
I have had The Clean Up on my to be read pile for far too long. Mr. Doolittle is an automatic purchase. No question he is one of the best new authors of the last four or five years.

The Mao Case - Qiu Xiaolong (Mar. 3)
China is still hot, right? Everyone remembers the Olympics? Hello? Well in any case here is a series that I wish I was reading. I was a huge fan of Death of a Red Heroine, but never managed to get back into these books

The Bellini Card - Jason Goodwin (Mar 3)
From China to the last days of the Ottoman Empire and all on the third of March. One of the best panels I saw at the Baltimore B'Con had Mr. Goodwin on it. It was the one panel where I had to immediately acquire books.

No Survivor - Tom Cain (Mar. 5)
A slight retitling from the UK release sees the return of Samuel Carver, The Accident Man. Last we we left Mr. Carver he had been tortured and driven virtually crazy. Ballsy writing for your lead character.

Other books of note include Fault Line by Barry Eisler; Dead Silence by Randy Wayne White, and Lisa Lutz's latest Revenge of the Spellmans. Early Spring will bring a new book and new series from Walter Mosely. James Ellroy will release Blood's a Rover the last of the Underworld USA trilogy in the Fall.


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