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Severance Package - Review

My one word review is followed by my slightly more in depth musings on Severance Package.

AWESOME! A tiny secret is that I enjoyed The Wheelman but not to the degree that others did. I can only really recall one passage where our mute 'lead' effects an escape by blowing up a propane tank. Good stuff there. In my defense that was about a hundred books ago. The Blonde never really clicked with me and as far as I am concerned it is all my fault. I have only re-read one book in my life, The Great Gatsby, I am nearly certain that the The Blonde will be the second. As for Severance Package I dug the he-hi-hell out of this book. The book contains an ever amount of escalating violence that strangely becomes only more hilarious.

The basic plot revolves around a Saturday Morning meeting to announce that the office is closing up shop and the employees all need to find new jobs as casket fillers for eternity. It is kind of like The Breakfast Club if Principal Vernon had announced that everyone was going to die in the library and the Alley Sheedy character was a Ninja trained assassin instead of Goth-Chick nut bag.

The trick for Mr. Swierczynski is to deliver on the promise of the plot. Everyone is going to die. GO! It rarely happens that an author can delivery on that kind of promise. High moments that are undercut by boring transitions and a love story that goes nowhere. Mr. Swierczynski avoids those traps to turn in a high octane freight train of excitement. How is that for a blurb!

I enjoyed all 263 pages of this book and I look forward to Mr. Swierczynski next book.

Hmmmm..... what's that? 264? What about 264? Oh 264 pages in Severance Package.

Yeah.... I'm pretending that last page didn't happen. Good books should infuriate you sometimes, so I am giving the last page a pass.


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